Breaking Gender Barricades

Team Project Sexuality

“I kept all the fasts and offered namaaz. But then I started questioning whether God even loves me or not? Why do I have to suffer so much? I was angry and stopped practising my religion. ” says 25- year old Jamal who identifies himself as a trans man.  From schools to offices, social space to legal recognition the battle for transgender rights remains unheard of.

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Am I Impure?

Hemaxi Mistry

I like to believe that being born a girl is a gift. During the first twelve years of my life, I had no clue of what was coming. One fine day, like most girls, I too go my period.I had many questions throughout my life. The day I had my periods,my family celebrated this by preparing a Shira,which was a celebration of fertility in my community. At the same time, many restrictions were imposed on me.

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Love in the time of ‘intolerance’: Religion no bar for this gay couple

Nikita Bishnoi

Since childhood, I have seen gay comical characters in movies and television series and they often were ridiculed. I often thought, do these people have a life other than being someone to be laughed upon? When I was to do a project, I knew, to explore the lives of gay people was exciting. My camera became an instrument to capture the life they lived.