Running away from a rapist

Wamika Singh was shooting her short documentary in Nizamuddin area of New Delhi. She narrates her account of interviewing an ex drug addict.

Find out what happens next  here on this 360 video podcast. Wamika


Bangalore mass molestation: what actually happened, victim reveals

On first of January, India woke up to a news, which would leave many shocked. It was a new year morning but things wouldn’t be the same for a city, south of India. Ankita Roy, a student has been living in the city from two years and felt safe until a night when things turned ugly. On the new year eve, she along with her friends decided to go out and what happened later, she reveals in this video.

Despite rape of young girl, police missing on the streets of Hauz Khas

Team Project Sexuality

It is 1 am midnight. Most of the city is sleeping, the buzz on the street is dimmer, only a few vehicles are plying.

A well known nightlife square in the neighborhood wears a deserted look. With the exception of countable groups of women huddling along exit gates opening into road pavements, the glass panes of popular restaurants and clubs show no customers inside. Nestling close, these women seem to be looking for transport. Street lights dotting the alley are creating vivid patches of light on a straight road that makes the rough surfaces uneven, but visible.

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