From Pooja to Kabeer, journey of a transman

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Born in Allahabad as Pooja, Kabeer never found solace wearing garments meant for women. Soon, he started questioning his gender. Now a transman, he has battled hard for the life which he is living, he says.

Kabeer doesn’t want show his face on the camera, fearing social backlash.

Here is an excerpt from his interview:


Dr.Sheldon Cooper is not happy with all the HIV myths floating around

Team Project Sexuality

There is a lot of stigma attached to HIV in our society. Here are five of the most common myths regarding HIV and Sheldon Cooper does not approve of these idiocies.

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“Why Can’t You Do Something Manly?”

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We live in a society that is trying to come out of its patriarchal set up, and there’s a lot to go through before that can happen. However, every once in a while there comes a person that challenges all the stereotypes that have existed in the minds of people. Eshan Hilal, a young twenty four year old man from Delhi is an embodiment of busting myths- he is a male belly dancer.
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