On Femininity

Riti Kumar

Bring me up on stage,
Shape me, mould me,
Eat me, tear me to pieces,
Cast me into stones and
Paste my image onto
The pillars of your aesthetic realms.

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One Body, One Mind, Two Identities

Team Project Sexuality

The current structure of society is as such that it is immensely difficult to reveal your true self. And, if one belongs to the LGBTQ+ community then life becomes harder as the level of acceptance is so low. However, there are many people from the community who are willing to come out and talk about their identities so as to start a conversation.

Samantha Saxena identifies as a transgender gender fluid person

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Love in the time of ‘intolerance’: Religion no bar for this gay couple

Nikita Bishnoi

Since childhood, I have seen gay comical characters in movies and television series and they often were ridiculed. I often thought, do these people have a life other than being someone to be laughed upon? When I was to do a project, I knew, to explore the lives of gay people was exciting. My camera became an instrument to capture the life they lived.