Despite rape of young girl, police missing on the streets of Hauz Khas

Team Project Sexuality

It is 1 am midnight. Most of the city is sleeping, the buzz on the street is dimmer, only a few vehicles are plying.

A well known nightlife square in the neighborhood wears a deserted look. With the exception of countable groups of women huddling along exit gates opening into road pavements, the glass panes of popular restaurants and clubs show no customers inside. Nestling close, these women seem to be looking for transport. Street lights dotting the alley are creating vivid patches of light on a straight road that makes the rough surfaces uneven, but visible.

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Love in the time of ‘intolerance’: Religion no bar for this gay couple

Nikita Bishnoi

Since childhood, I have seen gay comical characters in movies and television series and they often were ridiculed. I often thought, do these people have a life other than being someone to be laughed upon? When I was to do a project, I knew, to explore the lives of gay people was exciting. My camera became an instrument to capture the life they lived.


Horrors of traveling in a bus

Srimayee Dutta Gupta

I find it difficult to revisit this particular account of my life. I know it’s extremely common among the females of the country to have gone through something similar, but each account is different in its own might. Only the women vary, not the perpetrators. They have the same core. As a 9th Grader, it was a matter of immense joy and pride when my parents allowed me to travel all alone to school using public transport. For the first time was I allowed to step out in the world without holding the hands of my elders. I was explained everything on loop, given sufficient money, made to recite the bus numbers several times. But, what I was not warned about was that I would be touched inappropriately without my consent, frequently. Continue reading “Horrors of traveling in a bus”