One Body, One Mind, Two Identities

Team Project Sexuality

The current structure of society is as such that it is immensely difficult to reveal your true self. And, if one belongs to the LGBTQ+ community then life becomes harder as the level of acceptance is so low. However, there are many people from the community who are willing to come out and talk about their identities so as to start a conversation.

Samantha Saxena identifies as a transgender gender fluid person

Samantha Saxena is a legal practitioner at the Supreme Court of India and comes from Allahabad and identifies as transgender gender fluid. The concept of transgender gender fluid is itself quite difficult to grasp. Sam talked about himself being transgender gender fluid as both male and female gender identities coexist in his mind. There are times he identifies as a woman and at times he identifies himself as a man. This switch that he goes through is involuntary in nature and in the beginning it was quite difficult for Sam to express the two identities.

He gained acceptance from his mother and some of his friends.However,his mother said that he could still go on to live life like a “normal man” and at some point even get married to a girl,to which Sam has opposed as he believes that another’s life should never be compromised with.

Sam talks about the Transgender Bill that came out and discusses the flaws in the system, specially when it comes to drafting these bills as there is a complete lack of understanding of the transgender community which includes about 56 identities. However, these different identities have not even been considered while drafting the Transgender Bill as there is barely any knowledge of their existence or a complete misinformation regarding them.

It’s sad that a certain section of our society can’t even have an identity of their own and are having to fit themselves into boxes constructed by other people. All of this can go away once we as a society become more accepting of people from all communities and realize that there are some problems that are everyone’s problems even though not all of us would be directly affected by them.

For instance, when we talk about Section-377,it is important for us to understand that by criminalizing any kind of consensual sex that is not penal-vaginal,not only affects the LGBTQ+comunity but affects everybody. Sam provides an interesting perspective to us on 377 stating that rather than repealing the section, it could be amended.

Society can function properly only if the needs of all members of it is met. We can’t progress if we leave a large section of it behind.


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