Myth buster is coming

Team Project Sexuality

From buying sanitary napkin in black packets to not touching the pickle jar, periods have been a woman’s dirty little secret of the month.
Let’s get some Game of Thrones characters to do some myth busting!
1) Bleeding should last for seven days4

The number of days a woman has her period varies from woman to woman. Stress, sickness or putting on weight has a direct effect on the number of days you have your periods.
2) Extreme blood loss


On an average a woman loses between four to six tablespoon of blood. In the 4-5 days that a woman bleeds, between 20-90 ml of blood is lost. The most blood is lost in the first three days.
3) Bed rest is a must during your rough days.


Cramps, nausea, mood swings, back and leg pain are common during menstruation. For some women, it is severe enough to take bed rest, the majority of women do not suffer such excessive symptoms.

4) Exercise is bad during periods.


Absolutely not! Exercise is recommended as it will increase oxygen supply to the muscles and will reduce body  ache.

5) You cannot get pregnant when you’re on your period.


As there are variations in ovulation, pregnancy is possible especially for women with shorter cycles. Sperm has been known to live within the body for 2-5 days which increases the possibility of pregnancy.

6) If you don’t get your period then you’re P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T.


Delay in period doesn’t always mean you’re pregnant. Periods could be late due to stress, weight gain or loss or other life changes. But if you’ve had sex, and your period is late then surely take a pregnancy test!

7) Menstrual blood is impure.


Menstrual blood is completely sterile.Your uterus is sterile and if you’re healthy then your vagina only contains good bacteria. Period.

8) You shouldn’t bathe hair or wash hair during periods.


Some women tend to perspire more during their periods because of changing hormone levels. Regular bathing and proper hygiene should not be altered during your period for any reason.

9) You shouldn’t have sex during periods.

Sex during your period is fine as long as you and your partner are both consenting, but remember that having your period doesn’t prevent the risk of pregnancy.


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