“He made me touch his genitals saying he’d show me a trick”

My school was roughly 10kms from my house. So my parents had fixed a car pool for me. Once the driver stopped the car on our way back and since I used to sit on the front seat, he made me touch his genitals saying he’d show me a trick. I remember feeling awkward and removing my hand every time sensing it was wrong. When I came back home, I told my parents everything. They complained to the car pool owner and then started dropping me to school on their own. I forgot about the incident. Was reminded of it years later, when I started reading more and more about all this. It shocked me to see how common this was. Though I should be thankful that I could tell this to my parents the moment it happened and they took action, but should it really be something to feel lucky about? I hate the fact that I now feel fortunate that I was not raped or killed. Safety is everybody’s right.
I have cousins who are like siblings to me. I made them watch the Satyameva Jayate episode on child abuse and made sure they’d make me their person to share if they ever encountered anything of this sort. There are no boundaries between them and me. So they can talk and tell. There are so many cases which I think could have been avoided if the kids just..had been trained in that ability..to speak up.

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